Life in Jamaica: An Update

I’m still alive….

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post and that’s been somewhat deliberate. As I rapidly approach the 3 month mark of life in Jamaica, the more I’ve been focused on enjoying every single moment I have left. I do plan to return again for an extended stay this year, but tomorrow is not promised and I’m going to take advantage of what is in front of me, right now, in this moment.

Life in Jamaica: Celebrating Bob Marley's life at the Bob Marley Museum 2012

Prince Mark and I and I Celebrating Bob Marley’s life at the Bob Marley Museum 2012

After the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, I came back to Kingston and have been keeping busy in town and around the island. Here are a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to…

Working on my tan

Life in Jamaica: Visiting YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Visiting YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Life in Jamaica: Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

In the studio, making beats and laying down a hot 16

Life in Jamaica: Dubtonic Kru Studio

Luke and Stone of Dubtonic Kru making magic happen in the studio.

Feeding cute baby animals

Life in Jamaica: Feeding the bunnies, Button Bay Beach Getaway, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Feeding the bunnies, Button Bay Beach Getaway, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Life in Jamaica: Feeding baby goats at Button Bay Getaway, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Feeding baby goats (their mother died) at Button Bay Getaway, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Crocodile hunting on the Black River

Life in Jamaica: Driving the boat during the Black River Safari St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Yeah, that’s me steering…

Life in Jamaica: Crocodile Tom on the Black River Safari

I learned from Peter Pan to Never smile at a crocodile, but Erica looks so cute…

Playing Jamaica tour guide

One of my good friends of almost 12 years and one of Absolute Travel Addict’s blog readers came into town and I got a chance to show them around!

Life in Jamaica: After a quick bit at the New Kingston Sports Bar, Jamaica

After a quick bit at the New Kingston Sports Bar, Jamaica

Most importantly, I’m living life and enjoying the simplest things like an ice cold jelly from the roadside, random conversations with strangers, and constant flow of great music. LIFE IS GOOD!

In my final weeks, you can stay tuned on the Absolute Travel Addict Facebook Page and follow @AbsoluteADT on Twitter for regular updates.

Have a question about travel to Jamaica, or travel or just want to say hi? Hit me in the comments below or shoot me a message.

Happy travels!

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  • Nora says...

    Thanks for your absolutely wonderful travel blog. I moved from Jamaica to the US over 30 years ago and I have only been back once to visit Jamaica. I hope to visit Jamaica next year. Reading your travel blog is helping me get used to the differences between the two worlds. Although I have only visited Jamaica once I think about my memories of my childhood in Jamaica every day. I miss the simple life I lived there until age 11. I miss eating food that was mostly grown by my family and people we know. I miss the slower pace of life. I miss living in a place where over consuming is not a way of life. I hope when I go back to visit I will like it half as much as you like it.

    I bought many books written by world travelers and I will be looking for yours. I love the way you write. I can’t believe you majored in math and science instead of journalism (or some writing related degree). You seem to have a great deal of creative talent. I hope you will write a book. I look forward to buying your book when it comes out.

    Thanks again for sharing your travel experience with a timid traveler.

    • Nora, Thank you so much for your kind words. They couldn’t have come at a better time!

      I’m very excited for your return trip. Many of your childhood memories are exactly why I have chosen to call Jamaica home for at least half of the year and love sharing it with others.

      And don’t worry, the book is on the way! :-)

  • Ruben says...

    Good post! I’ll definitely be pinning this on pinterest!

  • Elise Walsh says...

    Jamaica looks like it is treating you well. Extended stay certainly looks like the way to partake in the Jamaican experience. I love the bunnies!

    • April Thompson says...

      Oh Elise it is! Can’t complain at all. Extended starts are the best way to partake in any country, but especially Jamaica.

  • Kathleen says...

    Thank you for sharing your recent trips..I really enjoy reading your experience while you are staying their..Hope you enjoy your trip..Thanks for sharing to us..

  • Cley says...

    Jamaica is really beautiful! And I’m a Bob Marley fan.. Jah love! :) Thanks for sharing this…

    • I don’t know how anyone CAN’T be a fan of Bob Marley! Thanks for checking it out!

  • Jamaica My Way says...

    LOL loved the pic of you driving the boat! Glad to hear an update from you…I feel your pain, I hadn’t written a post in 2 WEEKS!!

    Love that you got to the south coast though, I want to feed baby goats! I need to explore that side of the island next reach too!

    • Since I didn’t jump in the river with the others, I figured driving the boat was the LEAST I could do.

      Yes, please do go check it out. Tons of fun with the homies out there.

  • Cutia says...

    Thanks a million times for hosting me in Kingston! I LOVED YS Falls and Pelican Bar, but definitely could have skipped the Black River Tour. Hope you and Cindy had fun!

    • You are welcome! Keeping fingers crossed for you. YS was loads of fun. I enjoyed the Black River as well as Lover’s Leap. Amazing view. So much to explore, so little time…

  • Jamaica has been great to me and I will definitely be coming back. I was initially planning on July being the return but not sure I can wait that long… Love the avi by the way!

    • Shelley says...

      Thanks! Your recent trip to Lover’s Leap inspired me to dig up all the pics I had from our family trip! They brought back great memories. I’m not exactly sure yet when I’ll be touching down in Jamaica. It depends on a couple a things, work mainly, but it’s looking like July for me. Maybe August. When are you leaving Jamaica? And where will be your next destination before you return? You’re welcome to couch surf at my place if you’d like to visit Oslo (although I have feeling Oslo is hardly your type of place. :)

      • Glad it sparked a bit of nostalgia. I’m sadly leaving here in 3 weeks. Was planning to come back in July at the latest, but don’t think I can wait that long. Been thinking hard the last few days what the rest of the year should entail. Might take you up on the couch offer. I met a Norwegian who has me intrigued about Fiordland. I’m open to almost any place, I just prefer it not to be freezing. Did Europe in the winter last year. I had fun, but I’m NOT a cold weather person at all!!

  • Shelley says...

    I’ll be sad to see you go, but I know life goes on! It’s been great getting to know you as you travel through and explore my beloved homeland. Jamaica is such a special place to many Jamaicans, myself included. I hope in spite of everything else, she was good to you.

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