Jamaica Fire Water

Sprinkled across the island are several mineral springs and baths said to naturally cure all types of ailments from a cold to things more crippling and debilitating. I first learned about Fire Water in Runaway Bay from a Youtube video from Real ThreeStar. He was laying in a pool of water with a small portion ablaze. At first I thought it was just a good photoshop or editing job, but a little research confirmed that what I was seeing was real.

So when I made the trip to the country in St. Ann on New Year’s Day, I decided to check it out for myself…

Since I was heading back for an all day/night family function and didn’t have proper attire, I didn’t get the full massage treatment. Instead splashed copious amounts of water on my face (it tingled a bit), arms and legs and anywhere mosquitoes had feasted. There was this stubborn patch of dry skin on my elbow that got a little extra TLC too. Gong (the guy in the video) heated a wet towel over the flame and wrapped my arm in it for a minute and assured me that it would clear up quickly. And I’ll admit, I took a little sip, couldn’t do the 7 mouth fulls though (maybe next time).

Jamaica Fire Water Runaway Bay St. Ann Jamaica

Jamaica Fire Water, St. Ann, Jamaica

After a million and one questions, a little lounging and my “walk through fire“, we headed back to the party.  I didn’t suffer from the typical ashy, dry or pruny skin that’s the typical result of extended time in a pool, ocean or bathtub. And while I can’t say Fire Water was the cure, the dry patch on my elbow is no longer a problem.

A Few Fire Water Notes

  • The water is safe for humans, but bugs, insects and other life can’t survive. There were no mosquitoes attacking, thank God!
  • The pool is drained after each use and refilled with fresh water (shown in video)
  • There are 24 different minerals found in the water and the sulfur makes it flammable
  • Yes the flames can cover the entire pool if filled up, but I was OK with the little flame. Um, it’s fire and it’s hot.
  • There is no charge for this experience, but definitely leave a nice tip Update: There was no charge when I first visited, but please verify any charges with your driver, tour guide and those managing the experience BEFORE you participate in any part of the attraction. If you do not agree with the price or services, you don’t have to do it.

For more about the history of Fire Water, check out this video or JamaicaFireWater.com.

Have you been Fire Water or another mineral bath in Jamaica? Do you believe in its healing powers?



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  • nubia says...

    I enjoyed, I wanted the experience and the price was what it was.
    I respect the hard work and entrepreneurs.
    Elevate your mind./ spirit.

  • Peiling Wang says...


    Thanks! However, there are different experiences. People were charged $100.

    I just came back from this place with Jamaica driver and friend. We were charged $60 per person; they also asked for tip at will. We did not want massage because they said would be $100 per person. We just want to sit in the hot water. But, the guys came to put hot towels anyway — did they just ignore what we wanted or we did not communicate clear enough? Anyway, I think the experience is unique and I would not lament the cost.

    BTW: the water is not hot at all. Nothing closer to the hot springs I have been. With the hot towel, it is OK But the towel was not heated evenly. So, you have cold and hot spots.
    Please share both negative and positive experiences so travelers can decide on their own.

    • Hi Peiling,

      Thanks for your comment, but it’s not my responsibility to share experiences of others. I created this space to share MY personal experiences. It’s the traveler’s responsibility to do their due diligence and ask questions especially about pricing before they agree to participate in anything.

      My post is honest and a honest reflection of MY experience. I didn’t do a massage and I was not charged. Why? I don’t know, but I did ask numerous times what the charge would be before I arrived. It’s been over 3 years since this post was made and given the growing interest and popularity, I’m not surprised they are charging. Also, I never mentioned this was a hot spring, just a mineral spring. I think it’s pretty clear from the video that people shouldn’t expect a 5 star spa experience.

      • Peiling Wang says...

        Thank, April for allowing my experience to be shared on your blog — I hope this help others. As I said, I was surprised by the cost and the message, but it is not a big deal.
        I also love traveling to different cultures to know the people and their lives. I do like Jamaica–what a beautiful country– but traveling information is not easy to obtain online or at the tourist offices. I could not even get a map. So travelers should have a map with them before departure.
        Thanks again! Peiling

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  • Nailah says...

    You are getting to explore so many cool things! Lucky girl. I can’t believe you walked right through that fire, though if someone told me it would clear up mosquito bites, I probably would have done a dance in it!

    • LOL! Yeah, I wanted to take a nice dip and submerge myself completely, but alas, no bathing suit. I did get a good splashdown though.

  • Cutia says...

    With Kristi’s recommendation, I visited Fire Water last February. I got a full massage. It wasn’t the best one I ever had but the experience was awesome. I loved having to drive way up in the hills to find the place. People were like turn at the fourth tree you come to. LOL. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Yeah from the other videos I’ve been didn’t seem like the best, but I want the full experience too. And LOL at your directions. Getting to your destination is always an adventure in JA. It’s kinda like being back home ( south GA), landmarks over street signs. I actually was in the country and walked a niiiiiicccceeee hike to get there with ppl who knew how to get there.

    • Cutia says...

      I meant to say that I’m loving our Atlanta connection! I’ve lived here since the summer of 2000. One day – sooner, rather than later – I hope to live in Jamaica too. I’m headed back in mid-February for the sixth time (not nearly enough!).

      • F.I.L.A! I totally understand. It’s an addiction. Jamaica has its way of holding on and not letting you go. I so would have completed my 30 by 30 challenge if it weren’t for this extended trip and all the return visits I made to JA last year. LOL Not complaining though, at all. Hit me up when you are here.

  • Shelley T says...

    Hmmm … never even heard about this, April! I’m discovering so much about Jamaica from you and Kristi and I am Jamaican! LOL Isn’t that typical. Anyway, I went to a “bath” (I believe that’s what they call these healing springs) in or close to Clarendon, but I can’t remember the name. It was really great to paddle around in because the water was nice and warm. I wasn’t suffering from any ailments at the time so I don’t know if it can truly heal the sick. I’ll be sure to check out Fire Water when next I’m in Jamaica and St. Ann. Can you bath in the pool or is just for dipping the feet?

    • I was just thinking how I know so much more about other cities than I do about Atlanta and most of the US for that matter. Just something about the new and foreign that makes you want to dig into and explore everything you can.

      I hope you get to check it out soon. It’s not too deep, but you can bathe in it. There are a handful that do so daily and cook, etc. They will also give you massages as well.

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