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Out of Africa: My Genetic Journey Results

Samburu woman by By Ai@ce

At the beginning of the year, I donated my DNA samples to the National Geographic Genographic Project to learn more about my ancestry and the results are in… According to my National Geographic report, civilization’s story begins in Africa sometime between 150,000 and 170,000 years ago, with a woman whom anthropologists have nicknamed “Mitochondrial Eve.”  My […]

Why We Need Better/Different Geography Education

Abaland, New Zealand?  Archland, New Zealand! Really!?!?  I can forgive Pat Sayjack’s incorrect assertion that Auckland is the capital of New Zealand, I wasn’t sure myself.  But the fact that none of those 3 adult contestants had any clue that Auckland is a city is a little disturbing, right? [jwplayer mediaid=”367″] During the Miss Teen […] to the Rescue…again, a genius creation by George Hobica, provides alerts and updates on discounted, sale and mistake airfares for domestic and international travel.  I love a great airfare deal, but don’t have the time to scour the internet for the best of the best.  Airfarewatchdog does all of the dirty work for me, for free! I became a […]

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