Where to Next? Help Me Decide!

I’m not typically a planner, but since getting back from my too short trip to Spain and Portugal, I’ve been itching to hop back on a plane for another international getaway. Things at work have started to pick up and while I appreciate being able to earn Frequent Flyer miles from work travel, Chicago and Minneapolis are not places I really want to visit in February and March.

To keep my travel addiction withdrawl symptoms at bay, I’ve started to brain storm some ideas for my next trip.  I have some free time March 25th – April 9th, which is perfect for an international birthday celebration (April 7th). And now, I have a plethora of Wyndham Reward points to cover my housing and a new Flip video camera to record the excitement.  (Thanks again Wyndham! )

But before I can talk itineraries, I need to decide on a destination.  The Hunch decision engine suggested Borocay, Dracula’s Castle and a friend’s place, among other exotic locales.  Borocay actually does sound nice.  I was also thinking maybe Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Morocco or maybe even Malta. I don’t really have any criterion at this point except I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before and would like it to be fairly warm. Lots of sunshine and beaches won’t hurt either. I’ve had enough of traveling in the cold.

Any suggestions? How should I spend my prize winnings? Where should I travel to next?

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