The Genographic Project — Where are you Really From?

Several years ago, when I started at my current company, I sat next to an executive at an after work event.  She was giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to share the news of why she married her husband.

IBM and National Geographic had joined forces to launch the Genographic Project, a 5 year study to show where you really come from.  DNA studies suggest that all humans today descend from a group of African ancestors who—about 60,000 years ago—began a remarkable journey.

With a swab of your DNA, the experts at National Geographic promise to track the migratory patterns of your ancestors.  Her results were finally back and concluded that her ancestors journey linked back to the middle east, Iran to be specific, the birth place of her husband.  For years she couldn’t explain the attraction to middle eastern men and with this bit of information, she concluded that deep ancestral ties were the cause.

On December 16th, I submitted my samples off to the National Geographic labs.  It was a painless process.  Vigorous swaps of the inside of my cheek, twice within an 8 hour window and off the samples went.  They even allow you to track the status of your project. My samples are currently being incubated, and so I wait…

I’m not looking for any explanation of why I am the way I am or do what I do, but it would be nice to know and maybe even add the migration locations to my travel bucket list!

I’ll keep you posted!

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