My First Atlanta Travel Tweetup

Last night, I attended my first Travel Tweetup at Tap in Midtwon Atlanta. I brought along a friend in case the attendees were a bunch of crazies and I needed to make an escape, but luckily they all turned out to be pretty cool people!  Most people don’t understand my desire to get rid of all, well, most of my personal belongings and trade in my 9-5 for a 4 Hour Work Week, but these folks get it and are living it daily (or pretty darn close).

I’m definitely looking for the next meet up before they start taking off for their respective extended trips. And if you are in the Atlanta metro area and want to meet up, like the Facebook group, follow Atlanta Travel Tweet on Twitter, or connect with one of us…

Caroline Eubanks | @cairinthecity

Alison Garland | @AliAdventures7

Nick Laborde | @stretchdnick

Brandon Sutton@Brandon101

April Thompson | @AbsoluteADT (me)

Hope to see you next time!!


  • Thanks for the shout out! It was nice meeting you and we hope to see you again!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nick Laborde. Nick Laborde said: Awesome to meet you: RT @AbsoluteADT: My First #Atlanta #Travel #Tweetup by @AbsolteADT #inspiration #twitter […]

  • Nick Laborde says...

    Genius move to bring a friend in case we were a bunch of weirdos. I’m glad we passed the crazy test.

    Next one should be in January, see you there.

    • April says...

      You all passed with flying colors, with the exception of Brandon. Tequila says he’s still on her watch list. LOL

      I’m back in town January 6th, if I’m in town, I’m there!

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