The Joys of Holiday Travel

I remember the days when heading to the airport was exciting. My loved ones and I would pile in the car to wish someone good bye or welcome someone home, Holiday Travel: TSA AIT Full Body Scanners my mom could join me at the gate for some much appreciate pre-flight bonding until my plane departed and my luggage was never lost. Le sigh, those were the good old days.

As word of my Thanksgiving trip to New Orleans spreads, the more conversation is turned to recent changes in TSA practices, especially during this week.  I travel almost weekly and have witnessed the overly aggressive pat downs since October when my friend was lightly molested as we departed LAX.  Luckily, I have the airport security process down to a science and haven’t set off an alarm in years. Even though I’m not a fan of the new AIT machines and “touch my junk” process, I understand why it’s being enacted. And as long as they don’t get too friendly with me, we will be alright. :-)

By now you guys have probably seen some of the worst results of thes new security changes like the young boy being searched shirtless: or the humiliation experienced by cancer survivors: so let’s lighten the mood a little bit. And if you are travelling this holiday season, be prepared for longer waits, know and follow the TSA guidelines and have a great time!

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