Halloween Horror Nights — Rob Zombie Film Competition

Rob Zombie and Universal Studios Hollywood have teamed up and challenged filmmakers with the Halloween Horror Nights film competition.  Jackson McDonald of Strong Sauce Productions filmed his submission in the Atlanta Metro area and I had the opportunity to make a small contribution to the final product.  Check it out in HD below and keep an eye out for me.

A Slice Of Life (HD) from Strong Sauce on Vimeo.

I drove about 40 minutes outside of the city to this huge horse farm where they were filming. My particular scene was actually shot in this abandoned shack that was falling apart and infested all kinds of creepy crawlers. There was even an old, worn noose hanging from the limb of the huge tree right in front. Hmm, I wonder that was used for… :-/

All-in-all, it was a fun project and I got to meet some new people. The short didn’t make the final 10, but in my eyes it’s a winner!

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